How to order alcoholic beverages:

Ordering a gift basket containing an alcoholic beverage is a two-step process:

1)Call or place your gift basket order on-line with San Diego Gift Baskets.

The listed price of the baskets on our wine baskets page has factored in the price of sparkling cider for those clients seeking a non-alcoholic alternative. Once alcohol has been ordered, the sparkling cider is removed, and additional gourmet foods are added in its place.

2) Order your alcoholic beverage on-line through BevMo! at the Escondido store location ONLY located at 1346 W. Valley Parkway, Escondido, CA 92029

Login to

From the pop-up menu on their homepage, choose 'select your store' and PICK UP IN STORE: ESCONDIDO, CA

Make your selection. Choose the earliest pick-up time they have available.

Proceed to check-out. (Note: BevMo! may have restrictions in place for accepting certain international credit cards. Please call their store directly if you experience any credit card processing difficulties: 760-489-7019.)

Under comments on our website, please provide us with the name of the person placing the BevMo! order. We are unable to pick up your BevMo! order without this information, so please do NOT leave this field blank.

*San Diego Gift Baskets does NOT provide delivery service for single bottles of alcohol. All alcoholic beverages must be placed within a basket of your choice.

Questions for BevMo!? The telephone number for the Escondido store is 760-489-7019.

Conditions of Sale

San Diego Gift Baskets WILL NOT ACCEPT any money intended for the purchase of your wine as mandated by the state of California.

BevMo! requires that all orders are placed on-line through the BevMo! website.  BevMo! will not accept any telephone orders for third party pick up with the exception of San Diego Gift Baskets.

San Diego Gift Baskets offers local hand delivery services of gift baskets containing wine. The recipient of your alcoholic gift baskets MUST BE OVER 21 YEARS OF AGE. Signature is required.